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Our fully configurable approach to software development provides three primary benefits to our customers;

Flexibility to handle multiple compliance and improvement needs

Immediate information in a changing competitive environment.

Rapid enterprise wide rollout without customization

Headquartered in Galway, Ireland and with offices in the UK, QSET has focused on client needs since its inception in 1992. This focus led to us receiving the European Lotus Beacon award for Excellence in Customer Care in 1998, the highest award given to Lotus Business Partners.

QSET began by developing software for quality and environmental management systems. But through customer interaction and the deliberate selection of employees with manufacturing and process backgrounds, QSET Groupware has evolved into a comprehensive business application that meets our very simple mission statement:

In combining the increasingly complex issues of compliance with the constant business demands of global customers QSET Groupware delivers:

A Speedy Return on Investment.

Business Critical Information in "Real" time.

A Greater Enterprise Wide Awareness of Legal and Social Responsibilities

Recognizing QSET's integrated approach to delivering these unique benefits, "Blue Chip" organizations have successfully used QSET Groupware in hundreds of sites globally to leverage their existing knowledge base.