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You continually face change in an increasingly competitive environment. At QSET, itís our job to anticipate future changes that affect you and to provide the software products and services that help you to constantly keep ahead of your competition.

Collaboration is the key to profitability in the 21st century. Enterprises must share information and processes with both internal and external communications. We must harness the power of relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. The power of these relationships will build the bridge to encourage efficiencies, conceive value and realize the competitive advantage. This is the real QSET benefit, enterprise software that allows collaboration for smarter decision-making.

A number of years ago we envisioned the products that would be required for the 21st Century. We listened to our customers and examined a number of trends, driven by globalization, outsourcing, and technological change. We ascertained that:

  • Legal regulations would become increasingly complex

  • ERP, CRM and supply chain software would become the norm

  • The Internet browser would become the standard user interface

  • Industry sector standards would accelerate e.g. TL 9000, AS 9000, HACCP

  • Corporations would continue to move to standardized global practices

We invested in building a brand new product to blend seamlessly with your complex business environment. I am, therefore, delighted to announce the launch of QSET Consensia.

QSET Consensia is built on a completely revolutionary architecture targeted to become the world leader in Integrated Knowledge and Compliance Management. QSET as a company is committed to delivering software that will have a positive effect on how people and companies conduct their business.

QSET Consensia is everything we aimed it to be and I urge you to check us out at www.qset.com or by calling your QSET contact person.

Let us prove to you that QSET Consensia is the new software standard for large-scale improvement and compliance.


Paul F Monaghan, PhD

Chief Executive Officer